Rules & Regulations

The 3 rules of gun safety start with you:

  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed down range. This is the primary rule of gun safety.

  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.


  • ALL firearms MUST remain in the shooting stall at all times.

  • All loading and unloading must be done in the shooting stall.

  • Firearms may not be handled outside of the shooting stall. Ever.

  • NO Rapid firing or “bump-firing”.

  • NO Drawing from holsters/concealment.

  • Shooters can only shoot one firearm at a time (no “duel-wielding”)

  • Center-fire Rifle Ammunition for use on the range must be purchased in-store, the day you come to shoot. NO Exceptions.

  •  Firearms and ammunition are subject to inspection by Metro Shooting Supplies staff.  Steel core, steel jacketed, tracer, lead-only projectiles (except for rim-fires), armor-piercing and incendiary rounds are strictly prohibited.

  • No steel-cased ammunition (even if the jacket is not bi-metal) may be used on the range. Additionally, Herter’s, Wolf, Tulammo, Privi Partizan (PPU), Monarch, or Freedom Munitions may not be used on the range regardless of casing/jacket material.

  • There is a $6 charge for any damage to the target holder (even if it is “on accident”)

  • rental firearms must use ammunition bought in store, the day the gun is rented

  • ALL center-fire rifle ammunition for use on the range must be purchased in store, the day you come to shoot

  • All shooters must have a valid driver license or state ID, Illinois residents must have a valid FOID.

  • Shooters must be 21 years old to shoot a handgun, 18 years old to shoot a rifle or shotgun or share a lane with someone who is 21 years old or older.

  • NO AK or AR style pistols or other pistols chambered in a center-fire rifle caliber.

  • Shotguns are restricted to the use of slugs only