First Responders Program

Who Qualifies:

  • Active and/or Retired Federal, State, County, City Law Enforcement with Official Agency Credentials
  • Court Officers with official agency credentials or official documentaion
  • State/County/City Judges, Prosecutors, Coroners with official agency credentials or official documentation
  • Full Time and Volunteer First Responders with Current credentials or official documentation.
  • Active Duty military with an Active Duty
  • Retired Military with Retired military Identification
  • Active Reservists with Military Identification
  • Active National Guard with Military Identification
  • State Licensed Security employees
  • Law Enforcement Academy Cadets with Certified enrollment documentation
  • Corrections Officers ,including Parole and Probation Officers
    • Qualifying End User Credentials are Subject to change at Sig Sauer’s discretion
    • A State issued Drives License is not an acceptable form of ID to purchase First Responder Firearms.