SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — “We’re protecting Joe from hurting himself or taking his own life,” said Sen. Jill Schupp, a St. Louis Democrat.

If passed, Senate Bill 42 – or the Extreme Risk Order of Protection Bill – would allow a judge to determine whether or not you – a gun owner – is a threat to yourself or others. 

If a relative or a member of your household felt you were in a bad place and could hurt yourself or someone else with a gun, that person could go to court to file an Extreme Risk Order of Protection.

Then, both parties have to go in front of a judge within 14 days for the court to determine whether or not that is the case. 

If it is, police could take your guns away for a year.

“Nothing is going to happen until everyone gets their day in court to make a good decision about whether that person is safe having a gun in his or her possession,” Schupp said. 

Aside from close family or people you live with, police could also file that extreme risk order of protection. 

“I do have serious concerns that that law would be abused,” said Springfield Republican, Senator Eric Burlison.